Packed Lunches

The school encourages healthy eating and that includes those children who choose to bring a packed lunch. I have copied some suggestions from Sheelagh Leith, our Learning Mentor, about healthy packed lunches below.

Dear Parents,

There is always discussion at the start of every school year about what makes a ‘Healthy School Packed Lunch.’ The improvement to our School Dinners has been tremendous over the past couple of years, and take-up grows each term, but if you know your child is happier with a packed lunch from home, here are some tips and advice.

· Breakfast!! This is vital to the start of their very full and packed day in school.

· Lunch can provide as much as one-third of a child’s daily calories, so we hope some of these tips will help you. Try and get each of the following into their lunch: protein, fruit, vegetable, carbohydrate, a dairy product, and water preferably.

At St Mary’s we have some guidelines for you about what should be avoided and what should be encouraged.

Foods not allowed : Fizzy Drinks, Sweets, Chocolates and chocolate bars

Foods to be avoided :

Full fat crisps Lo salt, low fat crisps,

plain popcorn

Less salt, fewer calories
Chocolate covered biscuits Cereal bar, fruit bar, nuts and raisins Less sugar, more fibre
Sugary ‘juice drinks’ Pure fruit juice, water Less sugar, quenches thirst
Jam, or chocolate spread sandwich Lean meat, mild cheese, tuna sandwich or wrap, with greenery Less sugar, protein

Foods to be encouraged:

· Whole grains wherever possible in bread, lo salt crackers, rice cakes, oatcakes

· Portions of fresh fruit – apple, grapes, easy peel satsumas, berries

· Portions of fresh vegetables – cucumber, carrot/ celery sticks, mini-tomatoes

· Lean meat sandwich fillings – tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise can be an easy start to fish for faddy eaters

· Dried fruits and nuts (raisins, apricots, etc)

We often have special ‘Sticker Days’ to remind the children and to encourage them to eat healthy foods.

For further information please see Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Kennedy, or Mrs. Leith.

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