Green Team

Sheelagh Leith writes:

“A message from the Green Team. Our School Eco-Code is below; the Green Team have added the school’s Eco Code to this newsletter for you to see again.

Our Eco– Code was created by the children, initially, in 2009 and has been updated since then to reflect the current environmental interests of the children now in school. The projects we are working on, and all our news, is on the Green Team Notice Board near Year 3 in the school hall.

Please see Mrs Leith c/o the office if you’d like to become involved, or to attend one of our weekly meetings to find out more about what we do.”


Today St Mary’s….

………tomorrow the world!

S – Save the Planet
T – Take care of our trees

M – More planting and growing
A – Always turn off the taps
R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Y’ – Your school, your future, your choice
S – Save Energy, close outside doors

S – Switch off lights
C – Charge your phone, briefly does it
H – Help lower carbon emissions- walk!
O – Oops! Use a litter bin
O – Out with unhealthy foods

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