School Website

You may remember that we updated our school website a few months ago. It was largely the format that changed and the content was copied over.

The school governors are reviewing and updating our school prospectus at the moment and this seems a good time to ask you whether the website has everything you need to know (or too much!) and if there are any suggestions you would like to make. If you do have any ideas or observations, please email me at head. The website can be reached via, or you can get there directly by putting www. into the address bar of your browser. If you have been there before, you may need to refresh your browser when you get to the site.

Remember, also, that we have a Twitter feed on this website as well as a feed from our ‘St Mary’s News’ blog so there’s LOTS of information there – both historical (Newsletters from 2001!) and up-to-the-minute via Twitter.

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