‘ParentView’ website

I’ve mentioned this website a few times in this newsletter and I’d just like to push it again! ‘ParentView’ is a government website that collects the views of parents about their child’s school. You have to register and then the website asks you to complete a questionnaire similar to the paper questionnaire we distributed a few weeks ago. When there are 10 responses on the site we are able to view a summary of them; we don’t know who the parents are – it is all anonymous.

OFSTED collects the information from this website when they are planning inspections, so it is important to make your opinions known and it is obviously better to have a lot of responses rather than a few. At the moment there is just one response on the website and so we can’t ‘see’ it and OFSTED can’t use it. When we do paper surveys we receive anywhere between 40 and 70 responses and it would be good to see this reflected on the ParentView website.

If you need some help to register ask us and we can help you (just to register – not to complete the questions!) The website address is below:


and there’s also a link from the ‘parent information’ pages of our website (address at the top of this newsletter).

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