We’ve taken a little longer than usual to sort out the classes and who will teach them next year. The main reason for this is that we still had an appointment to make, which we did last week.

Cara Bazley, who has taught our Nursery class for the past two years, is moving back to the North at the end of this school year. She has a new job in a school in Yorkshire. Our best wishes for her future teaching career go with her.

Last week we appointed a new teacher to St Mary’s: Sarah Philpot. Sarah will be in school for a few days during this week for her induction. In September she will be teaching Year 2.

Charlotte Lindsay will still be on maternity leave until January/February 2014 and her teaching role will be covered by Gareth Moss until she returns.

The complete staffing for next year is below:

F1: Annie Winter

F2: Paulette Williams

Year 1: Sonia Bell

Year 2: Sarah Philpot

Year 3: Gareth Moss

Year 4: Alison Glover

Year 5: Lilli Landau

Year 6: James Carroll


Alison Bowden

Sian Rickett

Sonia Walker

Elizabeth Granite

Anna Sprackling

Toni McSherry (on maternity leave until October)

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